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Written Reflections contains information about Santa's Sugar, a Christmas book for children and families,  as well as other writings by the author.  All works are original and the sole property of the author.  To purchase the book, contact the author at The cost is $13, including shipping in the continental USA.  

Santa's Sugar, hardbound, 51 pages
Copyright 2012

Now available!!  The author has taken the much loved story and converted it to a play suitable for children's theater and school drama club productions.  The play would also be fun for a senior citizen production or for a fun group reading such as a family gathering, allowing the readers to develop the personality and humor of their character.

The author is willing to provide a script free of charge for the first group who produces the play for the public during the 2018 holiday season.  Depending on location, the author would be delighted to attend the performance.

Jane Gerencher