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As an English major, both as an undergrad and then in graduate school, I have had experience writing in various genres. I wrote as a child as well, keeping scraps of paper where I had jotted down ideas or whole poems when they came to me. During my teaching years, I taught writing and wrote a column for two years in a local daily newspaper. It was my good fortune to take a writing course, entitled Advanced Expository Writing, at Moravian College with Dr. Joyce Hennefeld while on sabbatical in the last few years of my teaching career. Since retiring, I have attended meetings of the Apache Junction Writers’ Group that provides me with an idea exchange and a forum for sharing writing. The following inclusions are a result of my continuing interest in writing.

1.  Has Anyone Seen Sarah?
2.  Stale Coffee and Gladiolas
3.  Call Before You Come, So You're Sure I'm Home
4.  Lessons from the Wildebeest
5.  Canyon Revelation
6.  Breaking News!  An Interview with Santa.