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Media Kit

For the first press release on Santa's Sugar, the play, go to the following web site:  http://prlog.org/12675348

For the latest press release on her book, go to the following web site:

She has a YouTube video


There is a 28-minute Internet radio interview with Renee Hand at the CryptoCapersSeries at the following URL:

The book received a lively review on Dec. 17, 2012,  at http://insatiablereaders.blogspot.com/2012/12/santas-sugar-by-jane-gerencher.html

Story Synopsis:

Nugget, a little elf in Santa's workshop, has difficulty finding his place and purpose. After various job attempts in and out of the workshop, Nugget accepts the responsibility of caring for Santa's beloved cat, Sugar. He does well at his job until one Christmas Eve when Sugar can't be found. Nugget solves this problem in a surprising way and learns about himself in the process.  The themes of teamwork, fairness, gratitude, and friendship flow gently under a delightful story of self discovery with charming illustrations to match.