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          Santa's Sugar by Jane Gerencher

Santa's Sugar is available from the author, Jane Gerencher, who can be contacted at    The price is $12.00, with free shipping.  If you remember reading The Night Before Christmas as a child and want to capture some of that delight for yourself and children you know, then Santa's Sugar may be just the book for you.

Story Synopsis:  Nugget is a little elf in Santa's workshop who cannot find his place and purpose.  After being less than successful making toys and working in other departments, Nugget feels he is not a true elf.  Fortunately, Santa is in need of an elf to care for his beloved cat, Sugar, and, after careful thought, chooses Nugget.  Find out what happens to Nugget and learn with him that kindness and friendship along with wanting to do the right thing lead to happy endings.

Excerpt from Santa's Sugar:  "It was Nugget's job to care for Sugar.  Nugget had been given many jobs in the workshop, but he seemed always to make mistakes.  When assigned to paint toys, he got more paint on himself than he did on the toys.  Santa joked that he would have to leave Nugget under a tree as a gift because he was painted with bright colors just like a toy."

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